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Follow Along Let's make some money with push and COD



Super Contributor
Feb 5, 2022
💎 Traffic Source: @PropellerAds
🔧 Tracking Tool: @BeMob
✅ Affiliate Network: @AdCombo
👍 Type of Offer: COD
💰 Offer Payout: 30$+
⭐ Geos: one geo at the moment
🎯 Goal: $100 Profit/day; 30%+ ROI
🏆 I believe this Challenge will be successful because: there is a lot of knowledge here in afflift! :love:
🏎️ Start of the challenge: 15/04/2023

Hi all,
I've been inspired by these follow alongs:
- https://afflift.com/f/threads/unlocking-profit-potential-with-cod-offers-🚀💰.10673/ @L1Ght
- https://afflift.com/f/threads/cod-on-push-really-a-good-choice-for-me.10741/ @Hadomi
- https://afflift.com/f/threads/lets-try-pushing-cod-offers-with-push.10646/ @Itsjay24

and by the suggestions of @DEADZ

that I decided to test COD on push traffic.

I started this journey the 15th of april, let's recap what I've done up to now:

  1. Select a geo: I pick a geo where I have experience with other camps
  2. Check with my affiliate manager in adcombo which are the best performing camps in that geo
  3. I selected the best one in terms of approval rate (i.e. real sales vs. holds/trash/rejects)
  4. Checked on spypush.com for good creatives/ideas/angles
  5. Create the first two campaigns
Let's elaborate a bit more on how I created the campaigns: based on the suggestions of DEADZ (thank you so much), I started with:
- Android last three versions
- 3G
- 20% of CPA
- 30-49 years old and
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