Learning when to cut the offer. Would you on this one?



Super Contributor
Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks,

So i'm in my process of not being attached to the offers I'm testing in order to have more budget to test more offers or goes, etc.

While sometimes it's easier to understand when to drop, what about this one?

Yesterdays data:


My thoughts:

Why to drop?
Since the payout is 0,05 and I've already spent 2.45 on it, I'm like x50 payout spend.

Why not to drop?
I feel like i did not had anough traffic on this campaign. The ROI is >-50% yes but I feel there could be some potential since other offers on the same GEO and same Mobile Career are doing ok.

Am I approaching the decision correctly? I think I should drop it and put that budget
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