Follow Along Leadgen Refi offer + PropellerAds Push Traffic

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May 4, 2018
Hey guys... I'm back again with another Follow along. I haven't done one of these or setup/promote offers on a push network in quite a long time as I've been focusing on my affiliate email campaigns lately.

However I just found out I have $160 on my PropellerAds account from when I used to run ads on there a couple months back and since I've been wanting to do some more media buying I might as well get this going!

Tracker - Bemob
Offer - Refi lead-gen $72 PPL (Pay Per Lead): This offer only converts on Refinance leads with Good - Excellent Credit, and loan amounts over $100,000
Network: PropellerAds
Advertiser Limit: 50 leaders per day - So far I am the only one approved to run push traffic to this offer.
Budget: The absolute minimum in terms of decent traffic/spend ratio. By this I mean I won't spend the platform minimum but rather I'll spend just enough to get a decent amount of clicks needed to gather data/conversions. I know spending too little can sometimes negatively impact the amount of traffic/clicks one gets so I will do a few tests in the
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