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Lead Gen Niche: R&D Tax Credits



Super Contributor
Oct 18, 2018
Hey guys! I love sharing a little knowledge I have with my blog's mailing lists and communities as a way to give back. I thought to share here as well. Enough Talk lets check out R&D Tax credits niche.

I lost over half a million dollars on this one. So don't judge before you read everything! Nothing was wrong with the niche, But everything was wrong with my process! And all the losses were my own mistake!

That shows the vertical is strong is has massive potential!

What are R&D Tax credits, you ask?

Simply put, if you are spending Money on product research and development, you can recover 33% of the research and development costs by applying for an R&D Tax credit rebate.

To give you an example, let's say you develop a saas product or are building a new type of product in your farm, factory etc. You can recover 33% of the costs, including outsourcing and other development costs. Your claim % can get higher if you are at a loss etc.

Governments offer these incentives to encourage innovation and research, and these rebates/grants are available in almost all first-world countries.

The problem: It's a
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