Follow Along Landing Page Language Test with Adtrafico + PropellerAds + Voluum



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Apr 17, 2018
My friends at Adtrafico recently posted an offer on their official thread that caught my eye:

I like these dating offers and I run dating in Poland quite a bit so I decided to give it a try. I really liked the registration landing page in their screenshot but unfortunately I wasn't able to get that one for Poland.

But, my AM Tanya was nice enough to setup a new LP for me and I decided to test it with the others that are already converting for other publishers.

I have some LPs setup in Polish but was having a hard time finding them so got lazy and setup a new one in English. I realized my CTR was lower than what I normally see from my polish LPs so I just translated this new one and now I'm split testing them.

I've got a conversion on the English one but I'm interested to see what the CTRs look like when you compare English and Polish. I'm also split testing polish creatives.

Campaign setup​

Affiliate Network: Adtrafico
Traffic Source: PropellerAds
Tracker: Voluum

I'll post some updates as I get data
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