Landing Page Creation Question



Super Contributor
Sep 21, 2021
Hey hey everyone.

A little information for the reader, I am currently using Wordpress and Instabuilder as my landing page builder. I have originally been able to upload a landing page directly into the page builder when I have been provided a JSON File from a friend. Uploads very easily and then I can make modifications myself, integrate ESP and simply put my own little spin on things.

I have been searching for someone on Upwork to do what I am looking but I think my terminology might be off, which is why I haven't found anyone haha. So what I'm essentially after is someone, I guess a developer, to convert a landing page I provide to them via a URL into a JSON File so I can then easily upload it straight into the landing page builder and I can make changes as I see fit.

1. I guess to start off, is what I am asking just not possible or am I just making things way too hard for myself haha?
2. I do have the option to give a developer access to my login details and they can work directly within the landing
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