Kintura is now an Optimizer + Tracker


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TL;DR cancel your subscription to TheOptimizer, Maximus and Brax as we are now connected to the following traffic sources:
  1. PropellerAds
  2. Zeropark
  3. Exoclick
  4. MGID
  5. Revcontent
  6. Taboola
Coming this week:
  1. Outbrain
With the coupon code AFFLIFT, you get our Basic Plan for $199/year.

Some cool things you can do with our optimizer that you cannot do anywhere else:
  1. Virtual Whitelisting - whitelist pubs/widgets on any traffic source, no more waiting around for your conveniently lazy AM to apply whitelists while you blow money on shady publishers at your expense (and their profit)
  2. List Management - manage lists of publishers and widgets right in your reports and then apply these lists to your connected campaigns.
  3. Stack Lists - merge whitelists with blacklists.
Tracker updates:
  1. Speaking of shady publishers, have you seen our Proxy report? Detect Luminati, MicroLeaves, SmartProxy, Oxylabs, etc, and even use rules to redirect this fraudulent
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