Just would like to say Hi to everyone :)



May 24, 2022
Hi everyone,

I'm new here but definitely not new in affiliate marketing, but I've been away from this game for at least 3 years and now I'm back :)
I'm totally outdated on so many things as there are a ton of tools nowadays that could help in affiliate marketing which is a good thing for all of us, but I believe the competition is even stiffer now compared to 3 years ago, I had my fair share of success in AM during the prime time, but due to some personal reasons, I wasn't able to continue what I did back then as I failed to manage the entire AM business as a lone ranger.

Now I'm back at this again and hopefully to make something happen again in a more structured way and definitely this time it's gonna be with a well-planned strategy, system and also building a team eventually.

Hope to learn more from all of you and just wanna say hi to everyone of you for now.

I'm looking forward to making AM my full-time thing again, thanks for having me here.

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