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June 2019 - Top Content


Staff member
Every month, I create a list of the top content from the previous month (for example, here is May's Top Content). At the beginning of this month, I was on a nice vacation with my family celebrating my birthday and completely forgot about creating this thread!

We had some really great discussions in June so I didn't want to skip it. Below, you can find the top threads, popular topics, most active members, and more :)

Advice for beginners

Top Threads

We had a wide variety of affiliate marketing topics discussed last month in our top threads. Here they are:

And...once again, our promo codes thread was near the top! :)

Charles Ngo

Top Articles

We added some awesome new Articles last month to the site as well. I've been working with @jairene to produce affiliate network reviews like the PeerFly and MaxBounty review we recently published. We'll have more of those soon. However, here is a list of the top Articles from June:

If you have not read through those yet, I highly recommend it!

Top Link Directory Listings

Our Link Directory is growing every single month. It's very exciting because this is just the type of resource the affiliate marketing industry needs. It's also very cool to see what products/services get the most traction of the course of the month. Here are the listings that got the most traffic:

Kintura (@Kintura) has been very active lately and many members have been testing out their awesome tracker. Check it out!

Top Topics

Our "top topics" is based on the section of the forum that is getting the most visits. If you are active in our forum, this list will not surprise you :)
I was a bit surprised that Social is getting so many views, but that's great. I've been working on increasing my own social media marketing so that will fall right in line with what everyone else is doing. I'm happy our Public threads are getting so many views. We have many people joining the forum who are new to affiliate marketing so I am hoping to get more and more content in our Getting Started section 👍

Top Posters of the Month

The top 10 most active members seems to change every month. There are always a few guys/gals that are up there, but I love to see new people becoming more active in the community. Here are the top 10 from June:
  1. @DEADZ
  2. @Taylor
  3. @Nick
  4. @AdMaven
  5. @m4r13
  6. @dood
  7. @Jainty
  8. @gordgoodfellow
  9. @Voluum
  10. @Aptfxer
Of course, thank you to AdMaven and Voluum for being such a great part of our community. Onward and upward 🚀


Staff member
We have soooo many lurkers every month. This thread always does well because it points them where to lurk lol