Follow Along Journey to Profitability with affLIFT Guides



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Apr 21, 2020


What up yall

I'm making this follow-along to help me keep track of everything as I go through the guides on affLIFT.

It'll be mutually beneficial for freshman affiliates, myself, and other readers.

I'm separating it from my other FA because I don't want it to become a huge thread of me trying a bunch of different things. It'll be too disorganized and confusing to follow and actually take value from.

So this FA will differentiate from what I'm doing in that one.

I've gone through both the pops and survey pops guides multiple times (and went through most of the comments and replies).

I have to pay for and go through the advanced guide. And I'll do that soon.

The order goes:
  1. Pops Guide - The Beginner Guide
  2. Survey Pops - The Intermediate Guide
  3. Push Ads + Sweepstakes Mastery - The Advanced Guide
I realize I didn't thoroughly go through the guides and follow them to a T. Whether that was good or bad can be debated. But my results are trending upward in a positive direction since starting affiliate marketing so I know I'm at
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