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Java Script for monetizer push collector


Which Java Script to track monetizer push collector using kintura or redtrack? Currently i using this:

<script>function getURLParameter(r){for(var t=window.location.search.substring(1).split("&")n=0n<t.lengthn++){var e=t[n].split("=")if(e[0]===r)return e[1]}return""}</script>
script var pm_token getURLParameter('clickid') var pm_tag getURLParameter('source')var pm_pid "15489-45c00000" /script script var pm_allowAction function () { location.href 'http://tracking.me/offer/1 }var pm_denyAction function () { location.href 'http://tracking.me/offer/2' }var pm_pid "15489-45c00000" /script script src "//trk.tracking.me/js/pub.min.js" async /script Lander url: example.com/?clickid {cid}&source {source} I getting this error: Postback Error: 404 Not Found - https://track.example.com?cid=5edb5b18a09e8f0001d116c0&payout=0.003200&txid=545224180
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