Is the success path in this?



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Sep 20, 2021
Hi folks, I was thinking about our world and as a newbie, i was trying to understand which is the path ahead of me. Can I summarize what I think is the path and can you tell if I'm right or wrong?

From what I learnt, i see a direct connection between the money we spend in traffic and testing and our profits.
I divided the expenses in two categories:

  1. Budget for traffic
  2. Budget for tools
  3. Budget for testing
Assuming I'm able to do the creatives, coding etc, i keep this out.

Budget in traffic will bring eventually and approx profit of 30% (generally speaking) of what was invested. Let's say I spend 1000$, i will have back around 300$. It's just for sake of example generally speaking.

Budget for testing. This is testing offers. I was spending by now 400$ testing per month. This means running new offers or new Geos, etc. Most of the time I will burn these money, maybe I'll find one or two offers which will do not repay for any means the budget invested in testing in one month.
I will add those interesting
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