Follow Along iPhone Sweeps in AU with ClickDealer, FunnelFlux And PopAds


1. Initial Testing Day 1 Tools I'm Using:
  1. Adplexity Mobile
  2. FunnelFlux hosted in vultr with cloudflare cdn
  3. TheOptimizer for more accurate cost and revenue report with data from both traffic and aff side not using its auto rules
  4. PureLander for adding converting scripts such as exit pop and back button redirect
  5. Landing pages hosted in amazon s3 bucket with cloudfront cdn and 2 tier cdn with cloudflare for speed and cost efficiency.
  6. Cyberduck for uploading landers to s3 bucket and invalidating cloudfront caches if needed
  7. gtmetrix mobiready and chrome lighthouse to get landing page perf
  1. Pick offers from search iphone x. Got 4 iphonex soi offers from ClickDealer
    1. 62217 payout: $2.80
    2. 44214 payout: $3.20
    3. 59804 payout: $2.60
    4. 60419 payout: $2.40
  2. 2 iphone x landers in AU that received a lot traffic with the help of adp mobile
      1. mobile ready report:
      1. mobile ready report:
  3. tracking setup with funnelflux hosted in vultr and fronted with cloudflare.
  4. initial testing funnel:
  5. Budget for day...
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