Introducing myself to the forum & Personal question!



Jun 9, 2021
Hi! Afflifters,
I am gizzmoo (my nick name) from Tanzania, east Africa, I am so proud to be here, to be honest the value of contents in this forum is huge i mean @Luke deserve more than 20 bucks per month (but don't rise the price plz 😃),

I was in dilemma from choosing btn STM and AFFLIFT, but in term of user friendly platform, quality of contents, being updated, affordable price, directory, loving community (most of my role models in the industry, were/are also member of STM but more active on AFFLIFT, so I was like if I join in afflift I will get also the value from STM ) etc I ended up choosing AFFLIFT (correct me if I did dumb decision 😔)

I am newbie, I have been doing research in making money online since I was 17 years, now am 24 but am still learning, the time I started my research I was in secondary level of my education, I graduated last year 2020 my Bachelor's degree in health sector, so at that time I had no enough time to spend on my Affiliate carrier but now I have completed my education now
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