Interview with a Pro Affiliate: Jimmy



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Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
Our latest addition to my Interview with a Pro Affiliate series is with a guy I knew almost immediately that I wanted to have our team here at affLIFT. That guy is Jimmy!

@Jimmy (previously @jimmyvanilla) joined affLIFT in October 2019 as a fairly new affiliate. His first follow along is still one of my favorites and his first guide is epic as well.

I hired Jimmy as a Community Leader just a few months after he joined the forum and a few months after he started affiliate marketing because I knew he would be a great asset that would be able to connect well with our other members who were new to affiliate marketing and struggling. Plus, through hard work and a great attention to detail, he had already proven that he could turn a profitable campaign :)

Jimmy has been a huge asset to our team and community here so it only made sense to have him sit down and answer the tough questions :D

💰 How much is the most you have made in a single day with affiliate marketing?

My best revenue day was just over $1000! I was running one offer on one traffic source for just
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