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Case Study Interflora X ADRENALEAD: The power of Web Push Notifications 💰+30% conversion rate



Mar 9, 2021

The leader in flower delivery for over 70 years, Interflora delivers hundreds of thousands of bouquets in France and over 30 million worldwide each year.

Needs and Issues

With the arrival of new floral players and in order to maintain its dominant position on the French market, Interflora is developing its online presence and focuses on privileged contact with its customers.
With a strong digital development and a large online presence, the brand now sells many bouquets through its online shop.
The French website Interflora has over 1 million unique visitors per month. Like all e-commerce players, the brand finds that most of its audience leaves the site without giving the brand a way to contact them again. Among those who leave the site without doing a purchase, some have made a lot of progress in the conversion funnel, but have not gone to the end (shopping cart abandonment for example).
These factors have prompted Interflora to test numerous digital levers to meet its challenges, in particular, the activation of a new digital format - Web Push Notifications - in partnership with Adrenalead since October 2020.

Thanks to this partnership with Adrenalead, the

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