Increase your CTR with High-Quality Targeting!



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Feb 26, 2019

Clickadilla is a network with a vast amount of different advertising formats. They rotate on thousands of websites every day. Our goal №1 is to help you reach YOUR target audience and receive quality impressions, clicks, or other actions in any terms. Thus, our development team has been working long enough to present a new target setting - High-Quality Targeting.

High-Quality Targeting​

⠀⠀High-Quality Targeting optimizes your costs and time-spending. This result-oriented tool identifies the most favorable conditions for your ad to bring maximum effectiveness. It will be shown at a definite time in a definite place on the website (depending on the goal of your campaign).

We already made a review on High-Quality In-Page in one of our previous articles 👇

⠀⠀The function has been developing for several months. It started with the idea of offering an alternative to ordinary ways of targeting. The mechanics of High-Quality targeting form an ACRR model, which is:

1. Analysis;

2. Comparison;

3. Reach;

4. Repetition.


⠀⠀We need our ad to have the HIGHEST probability rate for an action. So one of the biggest parts of the model is analysis. The parameters to be analyzed may vary
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