Increase Social Media Audience using Video Marketing Strategies


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Jun 19, 2018
Hey there!

Businesses know that social media is very popular these days. It is great to promote your products by communicating with your audience on the social media channels where they spend most of their time.

Instead of creating traditional content, many marketers focus on video content because it is a very effective way to increase engagement rates.

Today I wanted to share a few tips we find effective on how to use video marketing strategy to increase your social media audience.
  • Identify the best performing social platform
Each channel has its own way of promoting video content. Identify which platform your clients use the most and start building up your audience.
  • Prepare a content plan
Once you choose the best performing social channels and identify what type of video you want to create, plan out your content production.
  • Optimize your videos
Adjust the length of your videos for each social platform.
  • Include CTAs
Encourage your viewers to learn more about your product or service by including a call to action in your content.

Read our article to learn more tips on how
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