Incetive offers that are easy to convert?



Grand Guru
May 2, 2018
Hi guys,

have you tried running incentive offers? And if yes - which verticals did you find that convert best?

For a test purpose I once made a GPT site which was running incentive offers but I found out that lot of verticals are hard to convert even when you reward a user with something (gift card for example).

For example if you are promoting App/Games installs conversion point is usually when user signs up for a 7-day trial. The user doesn't have to pay anything in this case but if you want to signup for a 7-day trial on Play store for example you'll need to have a CC ready.

I'd like to try incentive sweeps offers but I really didn't see any network offering those types of offers.

Basically what I'm trying to say are there offers where a user doesn't have to pay something (like a PIN submit/subscription offer) of have a CC ready (even for a
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