I'm back, I hope I can make it happen this time



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Dec 12, 2018
This is my 3rd introduction (and 4th attempt) if I remember correctly, I've passed through some bad times since the pandemic started so I had to quit aff-marketing for + a year now.

It has been tough that every time I want to and start to play with my aff-campaigns I have to stop and quit for several reasons, I've spent so far +-10k USD in total in my 3 attempts already and I wasn't really like able to archive the success in terms of my plan to make aff-marketing my main source of income.

I'm here again, this time partially as affiliate and partially as offer owner, one of the business I'm doing so far is doing ok so I want to mix my knowledge of programmer + affiliate to bring new customers to my pet project (very small biz). Then I'm going to try this up and share whatever I can to help others and also share more follow-ups as much as I can.

Sometimes you would see me very active vs other very inactive, it's b/c I'm always busy (I usually work 18h/day avg so you know where I am at.

Anyway, so here I am, back to the
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