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How to write affiliate product reviews that convert

TORO Advertising

Feb 3, 2021
Nine out of ten customers won’t make a purchase decision until they have checked out several reviews to see if the product meets not only their needs, but also if it is any good. Whether it is influencer recommendations, YouTube unboxing videos, written reviews for one product, or written product type comparisons, potential buyers want to see all of these as part of their online shopping experience and purchase decision.

Customers who have purchased a product often leave a review to share their experience to help other potential customers. Besides, positive reviews for products and brands are great for trust-building and conversion rates. Therefore, product reviews have had a big impact on the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing online industries, with over a dozen blogs filled up with affiliate content. Furthermore, thousands of websites depend on this type of content to monetize their traffic.


1. Start with a clear goal

Of course, the main goal is to describe the product and its uses to answer customer questions. But the main goal is to convert those potential customer visits into sales. So,​
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