How to win with Push Notifications & Sweepstakes



Jul 18, 2021
OK I've run my campaigns to the end, and I'm left wondering "what next"?

Big picture, it's been a thorough process and I learned a LOT!


I've tested many angles and combinations as far as creatives (PropellerAds Push), many landing pages, and multiple offers.

My best creatives come as close to communicating that the user has already won the prize, while still passing moderation by PropellerAds. A few icons work better than the rest (message waiting type icons), and images of the actual prizes are generally among the top performers (versus the myriad of other ideas I've tested). I have a couple of icons and images that are consistently at the top of the list, my best icons do not appear in the spy-tools (not message related icons), so that's a little innovation on my part.

The best performing landers have been the standard popular landers (surveys, prize boxes, spin the wheel, combinations of those). The Affiliate Networks often have them as part of the flow, and those have performed better than my own due to the issue of click-loss. Also, the Affiliate Network landers almost communicate to the user that they have already won. They are
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