Guide How to Verify AdCash Conversion Tracking (Goal)



Grand Guru
Nov 8, 2019
This is gonna be pretty obvious for most people but I still wanted to create this guide for the non tech savvy folks like me out there. This just involves firing a manual conversion to Adcash.

If you're gonna run CPA target campaigns on AdCash, you'll have to verify your conversion tracking beforehand to be able to start receiving traffic. To do that, just follow these steps:

1) Create a goal from your AdCash dashboard. You can select the category as 'Lead' and leave the value amount empty.


2) Once you click on "Get tracking code", you will get the S2S postback URL that you will need to paste into the Traffic Source template inside your tracker. Something like this:{externalid}&id=g296969&value={payout}

Just make sure to replace the click ID and payout tokens with what your tracking system uses.

Once the goal is created, you can use it in the "Even Pixel" section of the campaign creation page. But you still can't run the campaign until the conversion tracking is verified.

3) Click on "Verify Tracking" for the goal you created and select the campaign you want to test it on. Then click on 'Start Test'. It
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