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How to Use Pre-Lander/Landing Page in Pops?



Super Contributor
Mar 1, 2021
Hey all, this question seems very simple but it really made me confused.

I want to know how can I run offers with pre-lander and LPs in popads.net? Should we add landing page while we're creating campaigns in the side of tracker or we should do it in the side of traffic source? I could not find a place to add landing page in Popads.net and in the popads beginners guide, we create campaigns without any Pre-lp or LPs.

Also, I want to know:

Are we going to use pre-lp, lp, creatives for all campaigns and if yes, how to do it? (how to find and add them to offers)

When we should and should not use them?

What are the definition of pre-landers, landing page and creatives? Why people use them instead of each other sometimes? (They call pre-lander a landing page or vice versa?

And any other suggestions, advises on this will be appreciated.

Thank you,

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