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Guide How to slay FB Events Manager for better performance



Super Contributor
Jun 19, 2018
I noticed that many marketers don't like the beast "Events Manager". However, this tool is crucial for success with FB ads in 2022.


Basically, FB Events Manager is like a huge bucket for various types of FB events (view contents, add-to-carts, purchases, etc.). Using all the "content" of this buckets helps your FB algorithms achieve better results.

Facebook Events Manager receives all the events' data through Facebook CAPI or FB Pixel, then FB machine learning processes this conversion data and sends it Ads Manager, where conversions are attributed to campaigns and ad sets.

Therefore, when using Facebook Conversion API alongside a correct Events Manager setup as an outcome you get an improved performance towards the audience who is more likely to convert (e.g. optimize for conversions).

If prior to 2022 Facebook was just fine with all things optimization on its own, it's way harder to do now, in 2022.
So yeah, you shouldn't ignore Facebook Events Manager setup.

What would be primary steps to make this magic work?

1) Integrate Facebook CAPI

(though I really hope you already have done it)
As an affiliate marketer, it's super important for you, as you don't have access to the website
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