Guide How to setup two trackers on Traffic Company.

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Oct 10, 2021
Hello guys,

When I learned something new in this field I always remember the affilift community. :)

Traffic Company is a good network with top managers you might know. Recently I have a issue with them to setup two separate trackers for my campaigns.
Usually some other networks give this feature, like GG... etc.

Then I contact my manager Tess and asked whether it is possible to create another Traffic Company account, when she asked the reason I told the issue. Then she told me there is a way to do it. You can't do it manually at the moment, you will have to ask from your manager.

First thing the do is create a second partnercode, this way we can set up a postback per partnercode :)

After giving your second postback to them, they will create another partnercode in the same account.

It look like this:


This way they are tracking separately for each account.

When you creating a campaign link, you will have to select your partnercode.


On the reporting system also you can filter these info :)


Hope this might help to some of
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