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Guide How to Set Up a Custom 'Trafficback' Route on Monetizer



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Oct 15, 2019
One thing I like about a couple of my favourite affiliate networks, is that they almost seem to recognise that it's not 'necessarily' your fault if 'some' of your traffic doesn't meet the strict conditions of an offer you're promoting. It's as if they just might be able to give you the benefit-of-the-doubt that this 'untargeted' traffic you're sending isn't 'fraudulent traffic' (whatever that's supposed to be anyway).

It's just - you know - that we all get a bit of 'stuff' packaged into the 'targeted' traffic we buy from networks.

You know the 'stuff'... it's traffic that doesn't meet the very clear targeting specifications we painstakingly set up, but get anyway (and pay for) 🤦‍♂️.


Regardless of how the 'stuff' gets there, we didn't want it and the affiliate network doesn't want it. And when affiliate networks notice this 'stuff', they usually just redirect it to a 'safe' page or a fallback link rotating their own offers (at least with this option there's a chance you could make a buck or two).

But there are a few networks that will also happily send untargeted traffic back to you (probs why it's called 'trafficback') so you
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