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How to save the sw.js file in the root folder of your domain


New member
Hello everyone!

I have created landing page with Purelander and Host that lander in AWS S3 .its working OK. After reading case study and guide about monetizer push notification ,i decided to add push subscription java script in landing page.so i created java script and add to landing page. But i don't know to where and how to add or save the
sw.js file in the root folder of domain.I know this is very silly question.
lander code.PNG

Li Chee

Active member
Hi, I too struggled with this a while back, and good luck getting any info from search engines, but it's actually easy. Just upload the sw.js file to your AWS S3 bucket and you're good...



Staff member
👏 @Li Chee thank you so much for helping here!

Hey @Monetizer, if you have someone asking about this, you should refer them to this thread. It's now Public so it'll show up in Google and anyone searching for how to upload sw.js from Monetizer to their server will be able to find it :D