Guide How to run Pay Per Call traffic with Google Ads



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Oct 4, 2019

Hey everyone! Today we are going to share the tips on how to successfully set up an advertising campaign with Google Ads for US Pay Per Call Offers. The Pay Per Call niche is booming in the US today, which means it's time to multiply your income.

Types of ads

There are two types of ads for Pay Per Call offers on Google Ads:

  • regular search ads with call extension
  • search call-only ad.


In our affiliate network 80% of calls come from call-only-ads, so we consider them as the most effective way of attracting calls.

Step 1: Collecting keywords

To set up Google ads campaign, you need to collect the keywords. You have to make the list of positive keywords (those you want to include in your ad campaign) and negative ones (those you want to exclude). You need to gather as detailed list of positive and negative keywords as possible, excluding irrelevant queries. This is important because it is in your best interest to minimize the cost per click and not to overpay for unapproved calls. You can manage your keywords collection with the help of services:

We recommend doing this with the official
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