Guide How to run Pay Per Call offers with Facebook Ads



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Oct 4, 2019

Hey everyone! Today we're going to tell you what you need to do to successfully run Pay Per Call USA offers with Facebook Ads. This guide will be useful for both beginners and experienced affiliates who want to start working with American whitehat niches. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the United States, so with a decent approach, it is possible to drive high-quality traffic from there.

There are several approaches:

  • prelanding page traffic with a phone number and a button to a CPL offer


This option is a standard Facebook ad that leads to a website. The site has a phone number and a button that leads to a pay-per-lead offer. The assumption is that some small fraction of people will call the number, and the rest will leave a request on the advertiser's site. This approach shows itself well on the health- and auto insurance offers.

  • lead form with the button "call" after filling out and the further follow up with the call center or SMS


With this approach, the client clicks on the registration button in the ad and fills out the lead form
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