Guide How to Quickly Create Lander Variations (Dynamic LP)

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May 7, 2018
In the last thread I shared, I showed you a dynamic landing page using Javascript.

There were 2 possible ways to use it:
  1. Using a creative ID
  2. Using multiple URL parameters containing the content you want on the page
A landing page like this is best used for quickly testing simple landers. You can quickly change the headline, text, images, etc.

You can even make hundreds, or thousands, of landing pages (and add them to your tracker) in a few minutes (using option 2).

In this thread, I will show you how to do that. I’ll be using BeMob for this example, but I think you should be able to adapt this to any tracker if you need to.

The Spreadsheet​

The “magic” trick to doing this extremely fast is to use Google Sheets.

You can name the landing page, assign it a GEO (optional), set how many offers it has (optional) and, of course, set all of the content of the landing page.

With all of that input, you’ll have a column you can copy/paste into the BeMob mass import feature and all your pages will be ready to use in your campaigns.

I’ve made an
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