How to make money on mobile proxies. The complete guide.

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Apr 22, 2022

How much can you make selling mobile proxies?​

Your income depends on the number of proxies you plan to sell. Usually, the kickback is from $17 a month per phone for Russian proxies, from $25-30 a month per phone for European ones, from $40-50 a month per phone for US ones and from $20 a month per phone for CIS region proxies (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.).
Subtotal: if you sell 50 mobile proxies in Russia, you can make from $850/month, in Europe - from 1,250 $/month, in the US - from 2,000 $/month.

How many proxies will I be able to sell?​

The demand for mobile proxies in the US and Europe is insane, they are needed by both webmasters from the CIS region and webmasters from all over the world, from Asia to Latin America and Australia.
Mobile proxies in the US and Europe can be sold in quantities of 1,000 mobile proxies per month. Your earnings will be from 1000x25=25,000 $/month in Europe and from 1000x40=40,000 $/month in the USA.
With such volumes, you will need an assistant, as well as locations for placing phones in: these can be ordinary apartments, rented offices,
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