Guide How to launch campaigns on Outbrain



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May 9, 2018
Besides a few follow along created by @varunkeskar about MGID and RevContent, there isn't much to see in the native ads forum. But Native received the 3rd spot in terms of interest for 2022, according to this poll. Right after push and pops (and we already have hundreds of info related to push and pop).

That's why I'm writing this guide to get started with Outbrain, one of the top, if not the best native ad network in terms of volume and quality along with Taboola.
I have been running campaigns on and off on Outbrain since mid-2021, so while I'm not an expert, I have spent several thousand USD already driving leads and testing stuff.

Here's a quick guide to understanding the platform, how the ads work, what to expect, and how to launch your first campaign on Outbrain.

What are native ads?

OK, what are native ads, and how are they different from push or pops?

Well, the format is quite different. Native acts more like banners, but the main difference is that they are formatted to look more like related content on content websites. Content websites can be newspapers, blogs, streaming sites, etc. But the more content
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