How to increase your Advertizer campaign ranking on Monetizer ?



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Sep 29, 2021
Hi guys, I'm having a campaign converting quite well on Advertizer for about 2 weeks. Based on collected data over 2 weeks I decided to block some publishers and browsers which have low eCPM in order to increase my campaign EPC, which I believe will increase my campaign rank in Monetizer compared to other campaign running in the same targeting but having lower EPC. However I noticed in the last 7 days my campaign is getting less and less traffic. When checking the Monetizer offer dashboard there is another offer which is exactly the same as my offer but with lower payout, lower CR, and lower CPC but rank nearly the top.

Below is my offer data in Monetizer

and below is the other offer which rank much higher than mine

I don't understand why my offer is better in every performance indicators (payout, CPC, CR, running longer) but ranks much lower than the other offer. Is there any other factors @Monetizer takes into account when ranking offers ?. The only difference I can see at the moment is that the higher rank offer accepts traffic from all browsers while mine block traffic from certain browsers which do
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