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Guide How to increase revenue using trackers?



Super Contributor
Feb 26, 2019

Affiliate marketing allows any person to promote products and services working from any place and spending a minimum amount of time. However, the process is not that simple as it seems. Since there are a lot of intermediaries and services a good affiliate marketer uses to optimize time and reduce the costs.

№ 1 in the list are trackers. This tool is considered as an inalienable part of any affiliate marketing activity. You actually may find basic information about clicks, impressions and so on at ClickAdilla or any other traffic source you work with, but for the detailed statistics you definitely need a tracker.

Today we will choose a suitable tracker, however, if you want to understand the mechanics first, read the article below 👇


Click the image to read the article

What do trackers do?


● Test efficiency (analyze CR and revenue), i.e.: Identify the details that make one campaign more profitable than the other.;

● Maximize income (divide and redirect traffic to increase profits) ;

● Report mileage;

● Automatize (run traffic onto the next campaign after the first one has reached the limit).


● Track activities on your affiliates’ sites;

● Track important metrics;

● Recommend improvements;

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