Guide How to host your landing pages without a server - for free ? (unlimited traffic and global coverage)


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May 2, 2018
So.. you finally decided to ditch the direct linking method, got yourself a few landing pages, you expect a ton of traffic and you ask yourself what’s the best solution when it comes to hosting? Do you go with $2.99 shared hosting, maybe a VPS or better yet - a $155 per month dedicated server?


But what if you buy a server in the UK, and then you want to start sending traffic from Asia? Or maybe that offer gets paused, and you want to try traffic from Africa?


What if I told you there is a simpler way to handle this? Like a free solution with global coverage. If you are getting traffic from Asia, then your visitors will be served the landing page from the closest server to them from Asia. If you are getting traffic from Africa, then your visitor will get the landing page from some server in Africa. And for this - you won’t need a server. But you’ll still be able to “upload” your pages using the simple drag-and-drop method!


I’m sure most of you figured it out by now - we’ll use CloudFlare in a way. But for


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