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How to Create a Website or Landing Page for Push Subscriptions



Super Contributor
Aug 1, 2019
A comprehensive guide from the ProPush team

In general, there are two options for making a landing page: from scratch and using landing pages builders.

- Let’s start with option one. HTML page.

Creation of the landing page starts with a HTML page. Basically, HTML organizes the web page structure and defines the location and appearance of all the elements used - images, registration forms, lists, headings, etc.

Here’s a full guide on how to do it including the basic HTML code + examples.

- Still, there is a simpler option. Landing page builders.

If you are not feeling like practicing HTML, then you can stick to a landing page builder. There are numerous online solutions to rely on.

Here’s a list of page builders we recommend:


free basic plan, $19 for a beginners plan, $49 for a premium plan


$37 for a standard plan, $79 for a pro plan and $321 for an advanced plan)


$25 for a 6-month subscription (use the affLIFT discount for 20% off!)


$90 for basic plan, $135 for professional plan with optimization, $225 for the
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