How to Create a Website or Landing Page for Push Subscriptions



Aug 1, 2019
A comprehensive guide from the ProPush team

In general, there are two options for making a landing page: from scratch and using landing pages builders.

- Let’s start with option one. HTML page.

Creation of the landing page starts with a HTML page. Basically, HTML organizes the web page structure and defines the location and appearance of all the elements used - images, registration forms, lists, headings, etc.

Here’s a full guide on how to do it including the basic HTML code + examples.

- Still, there is a simpler option. Landing page builders.

If you are not feeling like practicing HTML, then you can stick to a landing page builder. There are numerous online solutions to rely on.

Here’s a list of page builders we recommend:


free basic plan, $19 for a beginners plan, $49 for a premium plan


$37 for a standard plan, $79 for a pro plan and $321 for an advanced plan)


$25 for a 6-month subscription (use the affLIFT discount for 20% off!)


$90 for basic plan, $135 for professional plan with optimization, $225 for the advanced plan

Swipe Pages

$29 for basic plan, $59 for medium, $119 for advanced

- Bonus option
(for those who don't want to create a landing page themselves)

If you are not inspired by HTML stuff as well as landing page builders, you should visit some freelancer websites. Some popular platforms to check out are:
Here’s a list of skills to search for: web design, basic front-end and copywriting. In general, a professional landing page done by a team of freelancers can cost you about $250 minimum (front-end developer - $15-35, web-designer - $15-30, copywriter - $19-45).

We have some more recommendations for you to follow:
  • Try different styles, colors, and feature placement. Don’t copy and paste other landing pages;
  • Test as many landing pages variables as possible - colors, leadgen forms, shapes, location of elements;
  • PropellerAds’ tests showed that the most efficient in terms of CTR for leadgen form location - at the top of the page.
That’s not all, guys! ProPush has an even more detailed and informative guide that will help you to build your perfect landing page.

Follow the guide, create landing pages for push subscriptions and get +30% extra profit with ProPush!
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