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How to choose affiliate offer to start with ( newbie friendly) .


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Hello afflifters, As promised a new guide to choose a wining offer, to promote,

at first in this i will not mention anything about tracking , landing page, and traffic sources,

all informations will be related to affiliate networks, affiliate offers.

i assume you as a newbie know at least . "your Vertical" "traffic methods" "tracking"

Affiliate offers, Is it good, Bad , Converting , OR not,

proper research is A must before starting your campaign. As a newbie, i suggest to stick to one vertical and try to master how to make a successful campaign with it .
you know how get a quality traffic, making a win-win situation , (good offer+ Good Quality traffic) = good payouts+ good relations with the advertiser/affiliate network

in this guides i will mention some tools free , freemium, and paid, you can choose what to use in your search

1- first of all Spytools one of the most beneficial tools to choose , compare, offers. most of them are providing top offers/lp , there is a free @Affbank , and paid , as the other tools mentioned in the link Spytools . and in this article why you should use Spy tools, AdPlexity VS Anstrex , and one for offer insights idvert spy tool,
also there are some other tools to mention. Whatrunswhere "paid " start at 299/month" and Follow.net "has a free account"

by these tools you could check if the offer is good/converting present in x numbers of affiliate networks / traffic sources that are good with it , landing pages/ creative used
2- search for offer in offervault.com, affplus.com , affbank.com, odigger.com "note" there are some sponsored offers , don't take rating from them you can search for different affiliate networks within them .

3-manual research for the affiliate offer using affiliate offer link. i consider that the most advanced and need technical skills,
as this will work on the affiliate offer link, and checking the landing page of the offer, analyzing the main domain, redirection, etc.. " in some offers" follow .net will help in that. you can research the domain itself. "will be explained in details later"
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