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Guide How to Build an IP Blacklist Using Golden Goose "Traffic Back" Feature



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May 7, 2018
There are a couple of cool features of the Golden Goose affiliate network. One that I think is great is their “traffic back” feature where they give you unqualified clicks back so you can monetize it yourself. Instead of the affiliate network “stealing” the click from you and monetizing it how they want, (which is usually a smartlink that you have access to, and they’re just taking extra margin off of it), you can monetize it how you want.

👉 BTW, if you ask some other networks, they might be able to do this for you manually on the backend. 😉

The most common reason to get traffic back from Golden Goose is that the user’s IP doesn’t fall within the IP range they’ve determined is the correct range for whatever mobile carriers your offer supports.

When you select a carrier/ISP on your traffic source for targeting, you're essentially selecting their "pre-configured" IP range for a particular carrier/ISP. However, there's one issue... traffic sources, affiliate networks, and advertisers may use different IP databases that might not fully overlap. So your traffic source might have a different IP range they've pre-configured for a certain carrier, and the traffic you
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