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How much is your CR for push subscribers

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Super Contributor
Nov 1, 2021
I do push subs collecting on all my landers for a while now. I use monetizer cause I had technical problems with the .js from propush. There was some trouble with the AWS S3 hosting.
I always was satisfied with the additional amount of money from monetizer.

But lately @Tut showed in his last thread how to track monetizer subs as a conversion in tracker (monetizer themself showing in their website that this tracking is not possible :)) but it seems that newly the feature was added.

So I run some traffic just to see how the conversions show in my tracker and I am a bit confused now. My CR is around 1% on different tests. @Tut has a CR on around 10% and also I see on @BobZhang123 thread that he gets on 70000 pre-requests 8000 new subs. thats more then 10%.

So I ask me; why do I only get 1%. I sent 40000 pops visits and had only around 400 new subs. Could this be a technical problem? Does it vary so much with differnet
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