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How Long From Test to Profitability?



Jul 3, 2021
Hi guys I wanted to do a quick survey. This month I did a lot of testing and it seems quite different than before where previously, campaigns could almost immediately breakeven and become profitable. I think its because I don't want to optimize too early and leave out potential big winners.

For a certain Geos for example, I would spend $10-20 in the red before I decide to extract the profitable campaigns. The payout on each offer is around 0.07 to 0.20. I am testing on a -60% to -70% ROI.

Based on my estimates, I can recover the losses in about 2-3 weeks... Is this normal?

I am blacklisting sites that have a loss of 1x Payout. After the testing phase, I will Pluck out all the websites according to geos and group them into new Campaigns according to their EPVs.


I failed to mention that my -70% ROI is largely because I am not placing a low bid but the average bid so I can get a bit of traffic from as many websites as possible ensuring I'm not leaving money on the table. If I were to bid low during the test phase
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