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How do you optimize this campaign?



Super Contributor
Mar 1, 2021
Hi guys,

Recently, I've run a campaign on Popads and have got some conversions. After spending 10 times of payout, I've had -74% ROI. Then I excluded websites IDs that spent *1 of payout and did not have any conversion but after allocating another *10 times of payout and launching the campaign for the second round, I've had -95% ROI which is worst than the first result.

Before cutting zones:


After cutting zones:


It's happened for several other of my campaigns, even when I've had -45% ROI in the first round of testing, it went down to -80% , -90% after cutting not performing zones.

What's your suggestion for that and why it happens?

Should I skip that offer and go for another offer or I should continue with that and optimizing other things?

Thanks in advance

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