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How bids actually works



Jun 13, 2022
Alright so I understand that your ad is displayed on a website as soon as your bid is one of the highest in the moment right?

If a website in average (for example) displays ads 1000 times a day those ads that are displayed are the first 1000th positions in the ranking bids am I right? So if you set a very low bid your ad is never going to displayed right?

So I know that a traffic source network has a ton of websites that are available to show them ads... And different websites have different bids due to white/black lists right? Depends on the traffic quality of the website people are going to offer more or less money in those websites... Am I right?

For example... If in one country the average CPM is $1, and I chose to set $2 for the bid this means I will get traffic of all websites that people aren't offering more that $2, but I will be paying $2 for all this websites? Even the ones that have way less quality traffic? Or i will be paying less for that?

Also other thing, if your ad is displayed in one website
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