Hola from Spain


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Hi everybody! My name is Pat I was born in Switzerland but living now in the beautiful south of Spain. I'm new to affiliate marketing. My experiences so far with online marketing are:
  • A personal blog in German about our life in Andalucía (there are some affiliate links but not much traffic)
  • A personal travel blog in German about travels in the United States (currently I'm focusing on growing on Instagram)
  • A dropshipping online shop (I ran this shop from Oct 2018 till Feb 2019 but it is still online traffic came from Facebook Ads and Google Ads)
  • A real estate website for Fincas here in Andalusia (focused on SEO)
Last week I did my first (unprofitable) campaign with PropellerAds Push - Bemob Tracking - MaxBounty BizOpp Offer. And I realized that I need some help :) I want to learn more about affiliate marketing (especially CPA) and different traffic sources...
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