Hi from México! :)



Apr 26, 2021
Hi guys, my name is Gustavo.

I am 24 years old and I greet you from Mexico. Today I saw a good opportunity to join you because of the third anniversary celebrations, so here I am. Congrats @Luke and all who make this forum possible.

I already have some experience in various networks. Right now I have an account at LosPollos, Zeydoo, Trafee, Golden Goose and ClickDealer.

I've also worked with various ad networks, mainly in the pop format. Some of them are PropellerAds, PopAds, PopCash, AdMaven, Vimmy, and BidVertiser. I also tried EvaDav and SelfAdvertiser but was not convinced by the quality.

I've spent the last year testing and learning, having small successes, and quite a few failures.

So I decided that it is time to "professionalize", that's why I joined this forum, so I can learn from you, and contribute what I know.

Finally, I would like to thank @servandosilva who with his blog, and articles about CPA, made me interested in this industry.

Thank you all for reading
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