Hi all from Barcelona!



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Feb 20, 2021
Hello everybody! :)

I'm Victor and I'm going to tell the story that brought me here and what are my short/medium term goals with affiliate marketing (CPA).

Since 1 year ago, I had been looking for a new way to earn money with a flexible schedule and where you can be the boss of it all.

The thing is, I found this amazing affiliate marketing business thanks to a renowned Spanish digital entrepreneur (José Márquez), who conducted interviews with people who right now are making a living from digital business. Thanks to that, I met @servandosilva , who is probably one of the most experienced and recognized people in this business here, in this forum.

I found a course in Spanish about CPA made by @servandosilva in TeamPlatino and after watching all the videos, I did my tests with 3 offers...without good results... jajaj

At that time, with my full time job as an IT consultant, I was not able to dedicate more time and effort to this business, so 1 month ago, I decided to leave everything and with my savings, focus 100% on making this business work for me. I believe that when you have an income
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