Hey Everyone. I would like to Introduce you to Fizzylabs Corporation a CPA marketing Agency



Jun 6, 2022
Fizzylabs Corporation - Fizzylabs is an Online Marketing Agency that focuses on lead generation/user performance to both desktop and mobile applications. Here is a little more background about us:

Fizzylabs is a CPA Agency based out of Florida that has both campaigns and traffic in most marketing methods for both desktop and mobile applications. We currently work in CPA (Cost per acquisition), CPL (Cost per lead), CPI (Cost per install), CPE (Cost per engagement), CPC (Cost per click), and CPS (Cost per sale) business models. We work in all countries with English speaking tier 1 countries US, UK, CA, and AU working the best and in most verticals including: Health, Insurance, Sweepstakes/Surveys, Browser Extensions, Market Research studies/panelists, Gaming (online/Apps), Travel, Mommy/Coupons, Finance, etc.

We are always looking for new advertiser and publisher relationships. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Any new affiliates/publishers can get signed up at http://login.fizzylabs.com/pub_register
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