Hey everyone, I am Ellis and new to Afflift



Sep 21, 2021
Hey everyone, my name is Ellis and I am from Australia. I have been playing around in the affiliate marketing world now for a year or two but not taking it very seriously, until now. At the begin of the year I decided to go all in on paid search ads focusing on Microsoft advertising platform to then venture over to Google once I have more experience and winnings ads. I am currently focusing on the rent to own housing niche and running offers that require a single email or ZIP Opt-in or simple single page opt-in which usually have name, email, address, phone number.
I have had some success of getting conversions but I have not yet been profitable. After reading some much needed guides and tutorials I have upped my game and introduced a research tool Ispionage and a tracker, CPV Lab to find winning campaigns and scale up from there.
I currently have a campaign live now in Microsoft, only small to test out if my tracking was installed correctly and just getting my head around using the thing haha.
Looking forward to getting to know people on this forum and hopefully scale campaigns together.
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