Hey Everyone Do Not Read This Post If You Want To...:)



Jan 24, 2022
Hello guys, nice to meet you! My name is Gustavo 48 years old from Argentina, frustrated singer & shortly will be married to Lizzy (My beautiful girl) :)

I work online since 2003 when I started my own web hosting company with 2 partners and 2 employees. I did ok but it was a hard job for me with lots of problems to solve and I didn't know how to grow the business and hire more people to solve those problems. Before that, I was a web developer.

Then in 2013, We sold it to a bigger company because of the stress that caused to me and to one of my other partners and tried to start a new online business, this time by myself. I struggled for 1 year and a half trying to learn some things until I found out about e-commerce in 2014.

I started with t-shirts for 1 year and after that dropshipping from China until these days. Also in August 2021, I started with Affiliate Marketing by promoting tools I use on daily basis. I'm doing ok but I want to start learning more about push notifications and native ads.

In these years I
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