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Help to put on the big boy pants (Optimize a solid campaign)



Super Contributor
Oct 2, 2022
Hey, it's me again. Asking for the insight!
I have a campaign on CPA Goal on propellerads. It lasted a week and I tweaked it myself from RED to GREEN with the help of the CPA algorithm obviously but a lot of cutting by my side as well (Zones Browsers Os Versions)

The campaign was solid green but went back to breakeven little by little, and I believe is on the way to being light red again. I still have solid profit from propush and backbutton but because the campaign has enough data (600 conversions), I want to use this data to make smaller campaigns and target segments of the traffic aka zone ids in each individual campaign.
Any insight on that guys? CPM or SCPM? I don't want to use CPA for separate zone ids. I want to learn more through this than getting a solid
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